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Trove like the partying for our birthday

Released for PC one year ago, unleashed on Mac OS X in October 2015, we’re thrilled to bring our beautiful, boxy baby to a console near you! With players from more than 100 countries already exploring our vast fantasy environments, now is the time to introduce a whole new audience to the wonders of Trove.

Our worlds overflow with thousands of weapons, mounts, costumes, dungeons, and Club Worlds created by Trove’s passionate players. The artistry and imagination shown by our community is second to none and console gamers will soon to get to play in our massive, voxel-y sandbox!Trove is partying like it’s our birthday and the whole world is invited!

I'm pretty excited for this, I have a PS4 just laying around with nothing on it because all of the Trove Flux for sale on Trove (FeelsBadMan) and I would love to pick it back up with none other than my favourite game! I would hope they are different servers than the ones we have now? 

Thanks Dev Team, you always surprise us!!! so this was your excuse to not implementing enough content over the months.but imo this is even cooler than a new class or biome.this is a way for many people to come together and have tons of fun.

a few questions:

(as mentioned above) can we use pc accounts on console? and will it be cross-platform? and one more: will we require XboxLiveGold or PlaystationPlus to play Trove?

This sounds awsome! i cant wait!!! But there is some things i am wondering about: (and i know most of these questions are already asked, but i ask them again)

Will you get new servers for this? Is it going to be cross-platform? Can you transfer your pc account to console for the Trove Flux? And finnaly, will there be exclusive content?

How will this end up? Money spent by the pc community is used to make Ports to two last gen consoles? Will the development ressources get used for the port or is the port done by an other developement sudio? Can the pc players, yes those who supported you and spent loads of money, at least have working servers?


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