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I read your original post in Albion

Dude you brought an entirely different conversation to the thread that was not even being addressed. No one was complaining that gathering was a problem without fast travel, no one said the yellow and green zones were issues or that the albion online gold markets there were not working.. you were trying to bring some light to this thread that the dev's need to not impose any changes because after ONE DAY of playing you see that everything was working just fine.

The dev's are sitting here admitting that there is issues in the games current format, that is called IGNORANCE. It is not a personal attack, me calling you ignorant is not me attacking you, it's telling you that you are making uneducated statements in this thread. After that you proceeded to say you watched videos and the read the fucking Albion War Report.. this is where you got your information on pvp..... after you kept replying over and over and quoting me, it got annoying.. you are now a forum flea.. a flea you shall be.

I read your original post , multiple times to ensure I didn't miss anything. I replied to you with a very simple bulleted outline of the issues we were discussing that you did not even mention or talk about.. since then you just continue to quote us and try to use word play to sound intelligent.. no one cares..

The most ironic part is the only thing you picked out of my original statement to you was that fast travel does not effect pvp, that was the entire point of the fucking post... it directly effects pvp in the black zones.. it doesn't mean it does not exist, the point is guilds on the west and east coast will never fight and the beta is entirely too small player-wise to sustain meaningful fun fights to get more Albion Online Silver. Fast travel is not as important in the royals because the zones are MUCH smaller. This is logic, this is factual, your opinions are not relevant to the actual issue.. that is why you are feeling attacked.. because you continue to shove your opinions into the conversation when your original statement has had nothing to do with the issues.

Edit: I read nothing in your last post because it was useless information, you are not new.. I respect new players and those who wish to learn, you are the same guy I have seen in last beta just simply antagonizing and running your trap trying to push peoples buttons on topics & then trying to play good guy all the time.. I know you, you are the same flea you have always been.


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