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Trove: U9 lets you complete the challenge faster

Would love to see an implementation where doing challenges in U9 actually gives you a better reward. I can just go to U6 and 1hit all the bosses and get exactly the same reward as I would in U9. Also, the amount of dragon coins they give you is stupid. 

1 Coin per hour?! are you serious? yes,...

Trove: mining is increased with bombs or lasermanc

If you earn less flux farming u9 with 2500+ mf than mining, there should be a problem. Should i go mining with endgame character ? i dont get it why you cant win or earn something in this game with farming ? You spend time, work you should get something

Edit: In every game you get something, you won...

Trove like the partying for our birthday

Released for PC one year ago, unleashed on Mac OS X in October 2015, we’re thrilled to bring our beautiful, boxy baby to a console near you! With players from more than 100 countries already exploring our vast fantasy environments, now is the time to introduce a whole new audience to the wonders of...

Albion needs a skill based combat system

Don't you think this is rather contradictory? At first you're saying that small guilds can't compete with giant alliances, yet you used us as an example despite us being a small guild compared to our vastly larger enemy alliances whom surround us. AV alone outnumbered us 8 to 1, out of which atleast...

Albion Online: Your whole argument is based around

Confused. So far the only thing real money pays for is gold. There are not vanity items yet (except maybe for founders items I'll give you that one....what a new border for your avatar pic? Silly). 

So if you can't/won't farm the silver for premium gold makes it a monthy subscription....$12.95

Albion Online: Avoid the rep system entirely

Could you add a multiplicative rep loss for kills where the pker's outnumber the guy who gets piled and ganked?

Punish the guys who are there to "no risk" pk and stomp on the solo's who cant fight back.You could do this off of total assists and drop the karma on each player that attacked...

This has been fixed on test in Albion

I don't agree with the gear scaling, the problem was that you couldnt gather it due to insane gathering requirements.This has been fixed on test, making a more even playground.

1) Disagree with that, because a stronger emphasis on.

2) would solve that problem.

3) All high impact spells should...

I read your original post in Albion

Dude you brought an entirely different conversation to the thread that was not even being addressed. No one was complaining that gathering was a problem without fast travel, no one said the yellow and green zones were issues or that the albion online gold markets there were not working.. you were trying...

Become casual players in Albion

Graymouser for the president. After 5years people would be actually thinking and willing to do something, because now everything I see arround is people who finish damn universities thinking they will get top jobs instantly and will keep vegetating in office rest of the life without moving finger. Same...

Albion Online: A fishing rod in stead of a fish

Try making a buy order for 100 silver of some material.Then try to look in the "my orders" section of the AH interface. See if you can cancel it.

Your question is completely redundant when you can do super simple stuff to figure out the answer. The fact that you decide to repeat your question...

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